Guillotine Industrial (guillotine_101) wrote,
Guillotine Industrial

Guillotine 213 - Incidence

Download It Here!

This was originally mixed about two months ago and then put on hold. The mix I was going to release this week I managed to misplace the source files for, so it'll wait another week or two to come out. This mix was the one I was assembling when the Re-Vamp iPod Battles started, and you can trace some of the elements in this mix to the second mix I put together for the competition (shortly after I started on this mix).

Cover image is a detail from a photo of Chris Ryone by Shannon Unwin

I've also reduced the bitrate on this download to 128 - reducing file size from 90 megs to 50-something. Unless people complain, future releases will all be at this bitrate.

Timothy Something vs Donna Summer - I Feel Love
Revolting Cocks - Cattle Grind
Rotersand - Exterminate
Crisk. - Beute
Flogging Molly - The Wrong Company
Schwein - Lard, Lips, Liquor
Nine Inch Nails - Starfuckers Inc. (Charlie Clouser Mix)
Sister Machine Gun - Krackhead (Bela Mix)
Christian Death - Untitled
Gottschalk vs Joviator - Clash of Civilizations
UCNX - 21st Century (Head Like A Whore Mix)
Merlin - Disconnect
Ministry - Just One Fix (V.E.)
Xotox - Roboterkrieg (:SITD: Remix)
Neikka RPM - My Innocence Is Gone (Morphine Shot Mix)
Tom Waits - Dog Door

With additional samples from Grotus and Consolidated.
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