Guillotine Industrial (guillotine_101) wrote,
Guillotine Industrial

Guillotine 210 - Abused

Download it Here


Noisuf-X - Jezebel (Remixed by Stahlfrequenz)
Nine Inch Nails - 3 Ghosts I
Stahlfrequenz - First Nightmare
Love And Rockets - Yin And Yang and the Flower Pot Man (Remix)
Razed In Black - Poison
Ministry - Smothered Hope
Numb - Auto-Erotic
C-Drone Defect - Fashion Victim (Just Greed Version)
Front 242 - Welcome To Paradise
Skinny Puppy - Grave Wisdom
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
KMFDM - More & Faster
Neikka RPM - Demon Breeder (Neikka RPM's Trasbeat Mix)
Front Line Assembly - Deadlock

With additional samples from Grotus & Otomo Yoshihide

I realized in the past week that the majority of the Industrial acts I've fallen in love with lately have female vocalists, much to my surprise. Noisuf-X, Neikka RPM, and Angelspit are among my favourite listening right now... No Angelspit in this mix, but just about every mix over the past two months has an Angelspit track on it.
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